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What's in a name?

Written by Sarah Horner-Sigre


Posted on January 28 2021

One of the first things I had to think about and decide on when starting this company was what to call it. Does that sound really trivial, or not? Nevertheless, it was important because in order to start doing anything you need a domain and company registration. And let me tell you, I found it really hard!

Firstly, I didn’t want something I would get bored of. I thought about my own name - but people find it hard to pronounce (The Sigré part is 'see grey' by the way!) and although I love my name which has a really interesting family history, I really didn’t want something personal. Next onto the kids names…. They both have gorgeous names (well I think so!), Wren and Autumn but as I work from home right now, I didn’t want to get totally confused about whether I was referring to the kids or work. So it had to be neutral and definitely not girly and frilly, we have enough of that in our house.

Planning ahead, my vision for the business is to find other really unique products and expand our range so I didn’t really want to be known as just the lady that sells basins! 'Sinks R Us' and 'That Sinking Feeling' were other suggestions from helpful friends and family.

So I started to think about why I wanted to create this business. And it really came down to my lifelong passion (and some would say flair) for interiors. Long before Pinterest and Instagram came along, I was just naturally drawn to creating a space that makes you feel good, is interesting, intricate with detail and instantly expresses your own unique style.

More than ever before, we are spending the majority of our time in our homes. And have you ever spent more time in front of your basin than the last (almost) year? It has become apparent to everyone how important it is to consider how the home makes you feel and how you live in it. Our homes affect our mood, how much we are able to focus and how we define our own style. It's really an extension of us and our families.

It is difficult to know anyone that has not looked at their four walls and really thought about de-cluttering, re-shuffling, redecorating or simply bringing in some house plants to make you feel just a little bit more inspired, clear minded or serene in your space. Maybe you've had to change rooms from dining spaces to offices, your kitchen table to a home-schooling station, or getting creative with storage space for all those toilet rolls you panic bought. I think we have all come to realise the importance of how our spaces make us feel and I am sure that will go beyond this pandemic. And so, that was step one of setting up my business; because it's all about The Way We Live.

Lastly on the subject of names - all of our basins and vanity units are named after people or places that I love and which suit their own unique style and personality (including Wren and Autumn!).

I love chatting to anyone about their business experiences so if you are thinking of setting up a business, are in the process of it or already have a successful business then I'd love to hear from you.



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